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Photo by Vlastula

We built the boy his own computer over the winter break. Cobbled together from pieces donated by friends, bought on sale, and all assembled with a fair bit of elbow grease, it’s a fairly beefy Minecraft machine, and it plays his new favorite game,

He’s been getting up in the mornings and going straight to the computer. He can’t log in—I know the password, I am the gatekeeper—but I’m fine with him playing a little before school, so I’ll groggily unlock it for him, and then go make coffee, lunches, etc.Continue reading

2014-09-01 16.15.11

Sometimes I feel like Liam takes up at least 90% of my brain function. The rest is reserved for the rudimentary necessities of life — the lizard brain, as it were — and just enough to get by at work (forget creative endeavors lately… that’s a hoot). I worry about him ceaselessly, and it doesn’t help that mainstream media has a way of playing to those fears with their portrayal of high functioning autistic kids. Even though the last week has been a triumph, it’s also been at the long tail of a rather frenzied few years. And really, there isn’t much of an end in sight.

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