How You Can Help

Investing in Liam: the Right School, the Right Time


If you want to send money directly to Liam’s school fund, you can use our GoFundMe Page. We take that money and put it into a special savings account that we use specifically to pay for his tuition.

Buy Something from Amazon

If you use Amazon to make purchases, why not click through our Amazon link here. We’ll get a commission from your purchase. Help Liam out while you do your online shopping.

Share Our Story

It doesn’t take a single dollar to spread the word. Liam’s story isn’t unique. Lots of kids with high functioning autism struggle every day in school. Knowing that there are other options out there for them to discover the joys of education is important, for them and for their families. Share our site and your favorite stories with people on Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite social media platform. Write about us on your blog. And please be sure to let us know, so we can read what you have to say and thank you.


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