Day Three School Update


Liam at the bookstore in Little Switzerland, NC we visited. Totally posing, and kind of muddy. But he thought this was the coolest place ever.

A brief update, day 3. We’ve got more to say (including thoughts about our mountain mining adventure), but busy lives as they are…

Liam has actually been talking about school, and has plans to buy the abandoned house next to the property and fix it up so he can walk to school (and also save the house…) When I informed him that buying the house next to the school would mean (theoretically buying, mind you) he’d be staying at his new school a long time he said, “Yeah! Of course.”

Then we got home and he asked to cuddle. Which pretty much never happens. Of course I complied.

And he had a conversation with us at the dinner table, (pretty unprecedented). A reciprocal conversation. While eating food and not complaining about it.

He’s still getting into the swing of things, and there’ve been a few bumps. But I can see a change in him at the moment. Less agitation when he gets home. Gladness to see us. Excitement to share his progress, too.

I am hopeful. And the feeling when I drop him off each morning, that sense of relief, knowing he’s hanging out with all the other square pegs — those marvelous, talented kids — makes me smile every time.